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// Part 1// Story: Dark equestria// by momohagurashi//------------------------------//

"Some time ago it was told of a princess and her friends saving equestrians and keeping the loving feeling of friendship around. They were indeed wonderful times where everypony had a smile on their faces. Sadly those days have passed along with the disappearance of princess twilight and her friends. We now live in an age of dark magic, enslavement, and corruption. Even celestia and Luna were not safe. Now residing in a dungeon under the former canterlot castle. How to I know this you may ask? I was one of the house servants in the former castle until my curiosity got the better of me. This is what happened."

"Shinning star!" A voice echoed through the castle halls reverbing from the fanged maw of a large black unicorn wearing a crown. "Y...yes master?" The small blue Pegasus wondered in with his head bowed. "How may I be of service to you Lord night storm?"  The tall black unicorn glared at him. "You're late again! I want you to go feed the alicorns in the dungeon.

further more you will keep in mind you are not to speak a word to them either!" The small Pegasus bowed silently going to the food quarter and gathering all the things necessary. He loaded it all on a hanging tray he carried out and two a big locked door that a guard in dark armor opened. Allowing the Pegasus entry to the dungeons. It was a long dark trip down to the bottom but when he finally made it he was greeted by the dim flames if tortches and big cell doors he would walk up to the first where a blue alicorn laid chained in the cell. As she looked up he took  a fray and set it before her before moving to the next cell holding a white alicorn with a multi color mane.

She looks up as he's setting the food down and speaks to him. "You there. I can see that night storm has you miserable. There is a way to end all of this." She weakly spoke. Even though she had gotten his attention he acted as if he heard nothing and kept working. Even so she tries again. I know you really want free of all of this. Please just hear me out." As shining star set the tray in her cell he looked to her nervously. "Look I don't know how I could help but if I'm caught talking down here I'll be punished for it."

She shook her head some. "Don't speak then just  listen. You need to escape and find princess twilight and her friends. I know everyone believes they are gone but they are still out there." As she spoke the blue alicorn moved and spoke soon after. "It's true I have seen I to their dreams they still have they are in lands west of equestria." The white alicorn spoke one last time."just please co sider it. You are this lands only hole for happiness once again."

He silently finished the trays and walked back. Though he didn't know a guard heard everything and made off ahead of him. Shinning g star heads to the kitchen washing the dishes as he thinks to himself of what they said. "How would I even do such a thing much less leaving here? It would be impossible." As he finished an aura wrapped around him teleporting hi. Back to the throne room dropping him from the air to the floor with a loud thunk.

As he tried to sit up the magic forces him back down as his eye looked up to see night storm glaring down angrily him being the cause of the magic. "So you directly disobey me and on top of that you let those foolish creatures fill your head with nonsense!" He shook his head. " sir I would never." He snarls at shinning star some. "You fool I've heard what went on there and I can see it in your eyes that you believe them!

Well in that case." He lifts the Pegasus with his magic. "I have no further use for you." Night storm then proceeds to use his magic and throws the Pegasus against the wall before he falls to the floor barely moving. "Guards teach him why noone crosses Lord night storm!" As he demands so. Several guards grab him dragging him off to an isolated room. Not long after the doors shut all that could be heard are screams from somepony as night storm smiled In content.

Later into the evening in the dungeon chambers the the alicorns from before would be awoken by several guards opening the cage as they threw in a pony wrapped in nothing more than a blanket before they shut the door again walking away. After they leave the alicorns look at the blanketas the white one would lift the blanket back some revealing a beaten and injured shinning star laying between them as they gasp.

Both lay by him until he slowly wakes barely able to move at all. He looks around with blurred vision. "Where am I?" He asked looking about before the white alicorn spoke. "You're in the dungeons with us. Just relax and recover. Luna and my self will do what we can to help." He perks his ears some. "L...Luna. So that means you're celestia?" She nodded before he spoke again. "But if you are the two everyone is waiting for why did he say you vanished?." Celestia sighed some. "If is so he can keep everypony under his hoof and noone would think  to look right under their noses." He thinks and nods some. "That makes a lot of sense." Celestia looks to him. "For now justrest we have a lot to do to get you out of here." He nodded resting his head some.
Dark equestria ( 1 - Part 1 )
Twilight and the mane six have vanished and equestria has fallen to the corrupt power of Night Storm. Embark on a journey with Shinning star to find the mane six and return equestria to its formor glory
If anyone can please go follow my page
I am Considering either going core and changing my user name or starting a new page. not really sure yet
I'm back once more. And up to doing mlp art now
If anyone can please go follow my page


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